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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  February 25, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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blustery roar, fierce gust of winds gust through the region. >> there's trees down everywhere. treacherous driving. >> tonight the power outages and video of the damages. hello everybody i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here is what people are talking about tonight. >> if you took even one step outside, you could hear the howling of the winds. the force of the winds toppled
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the walls scattered bricks all over north fremont avenue. the wind also knocked down countless tree, some over roadways, this tree fell across st. paul street. and the wind also interrupted the commute in dc where a light pole fell along the metro track. that pole hit a metro train. no one was hurt but it caused mayor delays. wjz is live with first morning weather. bob turk is in the first warning weather center. but we're going to begin with weijia jiang with a look at the damage. >> you can see behind me, bge crews are still working to untangled power lines. 20,000 customers are still in the dark right now. from day tonight, wild winds in maryland knocked everything around including people. >> it almost lifts you up the ground. >> it gets underneath the car and you have to grip for deer life. >> reporter: even cars had
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damage after the roof of a near by house landed on it. shattering the windshield. >> we're worried about keeping warm, we have three little kids and hoping we will get power soon. >> we're looking overnights, we made requests for external crews to come in and assist us. the restoration efforts are at full force. >> reporter: and crews tell drivers to take extra time so they can maneuver through safely. >> i'm surprised this way isn't closed. >> reporter: then there's property damage in waiverly.
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this tree crumbled this house. and ships are being redocked, and a crane barge that had drifted away. because of these strong winds those vessels just started floating. right now thug boats are trying to get them back. just another idea of how strong these gusts really were. weijia jiang, eyewitness news. >> weijia. thank you. let's head to the weather center where bob turk has been keeping an eye on these winds for us. >> as you can see, not a lot going on right now. take a look at the winds, they're much lighter than they were earlier this afternoon. we're down to 6 miles per hour. 17 a little breezy still in the eastern shores. 13 over in ocean city and 14 up in washington. we had extremely high wind gusts, these are some of the wind gusts that were reported this afternoon. right here in the city around 50 at the airport and at annapolis, 60-mile an hour
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winds. up by westminster, 67-mile an hour wind gusts this afternoon. now the weather is going to be taking another turn in the next few days. i'll explain in my full forecast in about 10 minutes. breaking news, late tonight the white house freezes the assets of libyan leader gudahfi. his three sons and daughter and is leveling sanctions on his government. all this to put pressure on gudahfi to ease the violence. in the libyan capital of tripoli, a hail of bullets and many casualties are being reported. gudahfi continues to vow to crush the rebellion even though it now controls large parts of the country. as the u.s. closes its embassies in libya, some american diplomatic personnel were finally able to escape aboard a chartered ferry and chartered plane. each have a story. >> it's difficult. because you feel for the people. all they are doing is asking for a better way of life.
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and people are getting killed for it. >> now monday, president obama will meet with the u.n. general. his legitimacy reduced to zero in the eyes of gudahfi's people. and here in maryland gas prices are climbing by the hour. jessica cartalia explains, the worse may be to come. >> reporter: michael pile watches his cash go from his wallet to his fuel tank. >> $54.52. fifty-five dollars. >> reporter: what do you usually pay? >> i used to pay $20. >> reporter: in maryland, the price for a gallon rose 5-cents overnight as crude oil prices surge amidst unrest in the middle east. >> concerns about egypt and the canal. a lot of fuel is transported through the suez canal. drew paul with the maryland
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petroleum council says libyan turmoil may rise prices more. >> we get 11% of our oil to from libya. it's a significant contributor to the united states. >> reporter: americans paid an average of $2.69 a gallon. last month the price was $3.05. the national average is now $3.28 a gallon. as for pile -- >> it's getting ridiculous. everybody needs to stop driving. >> reporter: in baltimore city, i'm jessica cartalia, wjz eyewitness news. and aaa says this is the biggest one day jump we've seen in two years. guilty of first degree murder. a baltimore community activist is convicted of killing his wife just days after she got a protective order against him. cleveland williams may get the rest of life in jail.
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veronica williams was pregnant when he attacked her. the heated debate over same- sex marriage in maryland just from the senate to the house. delegates met late into the evening to hear testimony from more than 200 people. they expect to take a vote sometime early next week. the senate approved the bill which would change the definition of marriage but does not require any religious institutions to perform ceremonies. governor martin o'malley said he would sign the bill if it hits his desk. and governor o'malley met with the president, they spoke about creating jobs. and right now the hospitals are getting flooded with sick patients. kai jackson explains for some people it's so bad they are being admitted to the hospital. >> reporter: if you think the
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calendar means we're beyond the flu season, doctors say guess again. you can still catch it, in fact, many people already have. emergency room in the bay area are seeing a rise in patients. doctors say it's influenza that's making them sick. out of 50 swabs, 33 tested positive for the flu. and the flu can be fatal. here at st. joseph medical center, doctors say they had 20 patients hospitalized on isolation. with either confirmed or suspected cases of flu. >> the weather might mislead people. you had the light 70-degree days last week, then it got cold again. people might think spring is here and the flu is gone. but the flu is just peaking now. >> reporter: if you are sick, stay at home and avoid going to
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places like work and spreading the virus. the best defense against the flu is washing your hands. >> i was just feeling really cold. then evidently the temperature was falling. and then it all started in the chest. >> reporter: if you have a fever and can't keep food down, it may be time to go see your health care provider. two sports legends teamed up tonight in the name of helping the youth. >> i just like him for what he does on the court. i was fascinated by the book
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that he wrote and i was just drawn into it. so i just took a chance to see if we could honor him. >> more than 700 people came out to support the cal ripkin senior foundation. cal says he chose to honor agasi because they share the same dedication to teaching kids life skills in sports. and agassi and ripkin they part their hair exactly the same. >> from a distance they could be twins. they dressed the same too. and the children feared for their mother's life behind the wheel and how they catched somebody's attention. the start of a dry and more pleasant weekend. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning weather forecast coming up next. wjz tonight. a hollywood star out of control. his antics costing hundreds of
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jobs on a hit tv show. the charlie sheen melt down, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 37 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete warning weather forecast is coming up. this pickup truck had to be lifted from a swimming pool. the driver failed to negotiate
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a turn and plowed into a brick wall and into the pool. the driver suffered only minor injuries but he was arrested on drunk driving charges. no one was at home at the time of the crash. and five people suffered a crash in amish country. the children ranged in age from five months to 11 years old. the weather was blamed for the accident. all in favor will vote aye. all opposed will vote no. the state assembly passed the bill but republicans quickly cut off all debate. the measure remains in limbo until 14 democratic senators return to the state. governor scott walker has threatened lay offs for state employees if the senators do not return for a vote on
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monday. former president george w. bush cancels a speech because asange was invited too. bush says he has no desire to share a forum with the same man who has done so much damage to the u.s. he is fighting extra diction to sweden where he is accused of sexual assault. in new york, a 9-year-old girl's plea for help leads to her mother's arrest for drunk driving. police say bonnie will hat her daughter and -- had her daughter and two other children with her. the little girl held up a sign that said please help us. a driver saw that and called police. will was incoherent and unable to walk on her own. he's finally done it. charlie sheen just can't shut up and this time cbs pulling the plug on his show. costs hundreds of jobs,
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millions of the dollars and his reputation. mary bubala explains. >> reporter: charlie sheen is a rehab regular but this time he has gone too far, trashing his boss of two and a half man on the radio. charlie sheen ranted for seven minutes. >> i don't have time for these clowns. >> reporter: he made fun of hine levine. >> magically converting your tin cans into gold. they sit in front of their wives and ugly children, and will look at their sorry lives. >> reporter: and -- cbs and warner brothers television have decided to discontinue
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production of two and a half men for the remainder of the season. sheen is the highest paid actor on television making $2 million an episode. his drug and booze lifestyle keeps him in the tabloid. it didn't take long for sheen to fire back calling cbs crazy and vowing to take his show to hbo. tmz is claiming to have a letter from sheen. >> he's now getting to the point where he's becoming unlikable. >> reporter: michael schneider is tv guides bureau chief. >> he now has an imagine that he's going to have to rehab as well. >> reporter: his father says the family is praying for him. >> the disease is a form of cancer. you have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift them up. so that's what we do for him.
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>> reporter: mary bubala, wjz. >> and there's no word if cbs will resume production of two and a half men. this is the most unusual -- you will see that's because it contained a marriage proposal. de ornance girlfriend told him he was starring as a superhero on an ad. instead, he popped the question. okay, he set the bar very high. >> she said no. no i'm kidding. she said yes. gentlemen, there's your example. >> i hope they have a lovely weekend. >> i'm sure they will. >> how about a life. >> our weekend is going to be pretty nice compared to what we've seen in the last 12 hours or so. pretty quiet, a lot of sunshine. take a look at temps right now around the region. it has cooled down 37 but the
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winds are way down. barely moving west northwest at six. the barometer on the way back up. 34 cumberland. today it got to 67 degrees just before those thundershowers broke outs around the region. 37 here and 34 just above freezing to the north of the city. winds now the strongest i can find is 12, 15, 16, 17 miles per hour. as i mentioned earlier. we had wind gusts at the airport officially at 60 miles per hour. winds gusts not much at all. 24, 23. not even showing any gust here. tomorrow the wind will be very light all day long. this storm, you can watch how this thing really just wraps itself around. behind it a big pressure rated, low pressure here. so the air just flows like a vacuum cleaner.
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the front moved off the coast. you can see with the rain we saw this morning, about 2.5- inch. we did get snow up there. we cleared up nicely. tomorrow a nice day. on sunday afternoon and sunday night, the same high pressure is going to give us a cooler dry day. tomorrow we move off, the winds go back to the west-southwest. chance of shower activity, maybe a thundershower on monday. but will be again in the 60s. more rain to start next week but it won't be that cold at all this week. the bay temp around 38 degrees. so tonight, clear to partly cloudy. the winds certainly dying down. 38 to the low 30s. tomorrow 46 which is pretty close to normal. and a great deal of sunshine. it'll be a lot of people outside picking up branches and sticks and what not. 52 on sunday, 63 chance of showers and maybe a thundershower monday. drying 50 and 54 for tuesday
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and wednesday. denise-- >> all right, thank you bob. the orioles wrap up their first week of work outs in spring training. >> mark breaks ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's just a light neck injury. >> we've all had that sometime before. robertson has missed three days of work out but insists his ailment is not related to that neck ailment that caused him to miss seven games last season. in our masn on wjz spring training report, markakis working on his swing in sarasota. he says his primary goal in the preseason is simply to stay healthy. the o's first exhibition game is monday against the pirates. first baseball game of the
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spring in san francisco unveiled the new world series championship plaque for its facility. and miguel montero base hit bringing in melvin mora for arizona but the giants would win the game 7-6. basketball the newest new york knick carmelo anthony, you know that in all those tattoos, he has an orioles logo. that's right. he supporting maryland. hockey night in washington, d.c., the caps clash with the new york rangers. michael sour and jason shemero blowing out steam. washington on the wrong end of a beating when it came to the ends. the caps heard boos from their
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home fans. not much to hear. the rangers rout them 6-0 the final. final. college lacrosse tomorrow. , [ male announcer ] what if you could combine
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